Smash Life Spotlight EP. 2 — REESE BENTON

We sat down with Reese Benton, owner of Posh Green Cannabis Boutique. Benton takes us through her journey of growing up in San Francisco, her dreams of owning a fashion retail store, her catch 22 when starting her cannabis delivery service, and now building her dream empire.

If you’re looking for a story about adversity to inspire you, you’re in the right place. Benton’s childhood wasn’t easy — her family was affected by the war on drugs and she understands the struggle of growing up without seeing someone successful around her. But she never let that define her and her dreams. Benton focused on building her career as a hair and fashion stylist with dreams to eventually open her own fashion retail store. During her journey in hair and fashion, she decided to start a cannabis delivery service for extra income. When she approached the city of San Francisco to start the business, her idea was perceived as illegal, and could go to jail if she decides to operate.

Benton didn’t stop there. After breaking up with an ex who owned multiple cannabis dispensaries in San Francisco, she struggled to find a dispensary that offered quality products that she liked and saw a gap in the market. She saw an opportunity to build a dispensary that only offers products vetted by her team with the purpose to properly serve her customers’ needs.

Moving forward with her idea, she had to work with politicians to build an equity program for people that looked like her and grew up in similar situations. She not only had to help create a program to build her dreams, but she had to fight for her right to open the business in her district.

Nothing, and we mean nothing, was easy for Benton. Posh Green Cannabis Boutique is a direct result of her determination and fight for her dreams. Now partnering with celebrity brands, she is well on her way to building her empire in the cannabis industry.

Benton’s story is a reminder that we can create our own lane if the lane that’s already paved isn’t yours to follow. Thank you, Reese, for building a program that helps future generations and embodying the Smash Life mentality.