Smash Life Spotlight EP. 1 - Kevin Greene

To kick off our first episode of Smash Life Spotlight, we sat down with Kevin Greene — a 4-year NFL veteran turned Corporate Pro.  Greene takes us through his journey of starting his football career as a Junior in high school, getting recruited by Pete Carroll (USC), earning a spot in the NFL, and transitioning his career to an Account Executive in Tech.

Greene’s road to the NFL was never clear; he overcame constant adversity throughout his athletic career and earned his spot. He had big dreams of playing basketball at an established NCAA D-1 program that quickly transitioned into playing football and being recruited to the University of Southern California (USC). After a limited playing career at USC, not many people believed that he would play football at the next level. His mindset never wavered, and he earned himself a spot on the San Francisco 49ers, Carolina Panthers, Cincinnati Bengals, and Tennessee Titans.

After achieving his dream of playing professional football, he set his eyes on the technology sector. Building his sales career from the ground up and earning his role as an Account Executive, the sky is the limit for Greene. He is setting the example for young kids in Oakland, student-athletes, and professional athletes that you can find success in Corporate America.

Greene’s story is a reminder that other people’s expectations should not limit you from pursuing what you are destined to achieve. Thank you, Kevin Greene, for inspiring us and embodying the Smash Life Mentality.

If you would like to follow Kevin Greene and his R3NTPAID movement, you can find him on Instagram @kevin.greene.