Smash Life Spotlight EP. 4 - In Her Purpose - Rose Buado and Jennifer Redondo-Marquez

We sat down with Jennifer Redondo-Marquez and Rose Buado, co-authors and co-founders of In Her Purpose.  Jenn and Rose take us through their experience of being the only ones in their family not in the medical field, building their career in tech and marketing, seeking mentorship, finding happiness, to eventually creating In Her Purpose.  

Redondo-Marquez’s career started in management consulting and was following the path of going to business school and becoming a consultant.  During her first year at UCLA’s MBA program, a top tech company invited her to interview and she ended up receiving an offer letter.  Torn by her path to pursuing consulting, her advisor encouraged her to work for one of the greatest innovators while he was still alive.  She made a U-turn in her consulting path, took the leap into tech, and never looked back.  

Buado’s career, not knowingly, started in entrepreneurship during college.  She created a dance class for kids that resulted more than teaching dance, but teaching confidence that they can pursue things that they love to do.  Eventually, that transitioned to a full-on event production company.   After graduating, she started her corporate career in sales and marketing.  As she was climbing up the ladder and becoming VP at her Marketing and Avertising company, her happiness transitioned to a sense of feeling stuck and wanting more.  

Buado’s brother, a talented musician, had an opportunity to be on NBC’s show “The Voice”.  From her experience in climbing the corporate ladder, she trained him through the interview process which led to him landing a spot on the show.  Buado realized at that moment, that her true calling was to help people pursue their dreams and get to where they want to be.  Buado’s brother forms an acapella group 1 year later, and eventually makes it on NBC’s “The Sing Off”.  The group needed a manager, and Buado happily steps in to help them pursue their dreams.

While Redondo-Marquez was climbing up the corporate ladder in her tech job, she noticed that there were no women that looked like her in upper management.  Seeking mentorship to continue growing her career, she reaches out to Buado to see if she can make any connections.  Buado, while managing her brother’s acapella group, had the opportunity to meet extremely successful women, including founder and CEO of who she eventually introduced to Redondo-Marquez.  

This sparked Buado’s curiosity to learn about their stories of how the women she met got to their success. After a Google search of these women, she found that there were no stories online.  Assuming there had to be a book, she searched on Amazon and Google “successful Asian woman” to only find a book about how to marry an Asian woman.  Not satisfied with this, they took action and wrote the book In Her Purpose: 40 Principles of Asian Women Redefining Success on Their Own Terms.

Redondo-Marquez and Buado’s story reminds us that being driven by purpose can lead to a plethora of opportunities, successes, and fulfillment.  While both found success early in their lives, they followed their heart and their purpose to create a platform that empowers women to pursue their dreams.  Thank you, Rose and Jenn, for inspiring us and embodying the Smash Life Mentality!

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