Smash Life Spotlight EP. 3 - Aaron P. Wong

We sat down with Aaron P. Wong, Co-founder and Chief Brand Officer of Super73. Wong takes us through his journey of growing up in San Francisco, his start to entrepreneurship, his struggles while working for a startup, to building Super73 through Kickstarter.

Struggling to find a “real job” out of college, Wong started DJing which kicked off his start to entrepreneurship where he built a full-blown entertainment company. He booked gigs with Fortune 500 companies, weddings, and celebrity gigs such as Demi Lovato’s 25th birthday. While the entertainment company was growing and gaining a reputation in Orange County, Wong decided to pursue a career in what he studied at Long Beach State University, Design.

Wong decides to join an early-stage startup, making utility cargo carts and scooters on the basis of sweat equity pay with no salary. He quickly moves up the ladder and becomes VP of Product Development. After 2 years without a salary, he found himself in a position where he could no longer afford rent and moved into his van.

With the support of his family and friends during this tough period, Wong decides to work with fellow colleagues on building Kickstarter campaigns until one catches. They end up buying a taco mini bike kit and built an e-bike that ends up being the first version of Super73. After a beyond successful Kickstarter campaign, the team starts to manufacture the bikes for their supporters.

After a viral YouTube video of Super73 bikes dressed up as speeder bikes (from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi), Super73 was recognized as a force to be reckoned with. Many A-list celebrities such as Will Smith, Coco Rocha, Joel McHale start expressing interest in their bikes which leads to partnering with global brands such as Paris-Saint Germain F.C.

Wong’s story reminds us that following our passion can lead to success beyond what we could imagine. Although finding success early in his DJ career, he didn’t settle in a business that he felt wasn’t a long-term goal. Thank you, Aaron, for inspiring us and embodying the Smash Life Mentality.


If you would like to follow Aaron, you can find him on Instagram @ap.wong

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